Saturday Learn to Skate


Saturday Learn to Skate:  

Our Saturday afternoon Learn to Skate program is for all ages and all levels of skating. Students must be able to fall down and stand up on their own at the start of the session. Instruction covers a 30 minute class for beginner to freestyle levels. Evaluations take place at the end of each session.

Skating skills are like building blocks.  Each skill builds upon the skills learned in previous levels.  Learning these skills and the vocabulary of skating are the key to development a skater’s confidence and skills.  Skaters must pass each level before moving to the next.

  • Please provide Name, Age, and Level in required field below based on the following:
    • Level – Snowplow Sam.  Introductory classes for children age 6 and under.
    • Level – Basic 1. Beginner classes for skaters age 7-9.
    • Level- Basic 1 & 2. Combined beginner classes for skaters 10 and older OR skates who have passed Basic 1.
    • Level- Basic 3. Skaters who have passed Basic 1 & 2 and who are now prepared to focus on agility, balance, coordination, and speed.
    • Level- Basic 4. Skaters who have passed Basic 3.
    • Level – Basic 5 & 6. Combined classes for skaters who have passed Basic 4.
    • Level – Pre-Free Skate. Skaters who have passed Basic 5 & 6 (combined class) and are now prepared to focus on skills, transitions, jumps, and spins.
    • Level – Free Skate 1. Skaters who have passed Pre-Free Skate.
    • Level – Free Skate 2-6. Skaters who have passed the previous Free Skate level and are moving up a level. Indicate next level

Summer Session 2024 

8 weeks, $176, Saturdays, June 8 – Aug 3, 2024, 12:15PM-12:45PM ( NO SCHEDULED CLASS 7/27/2024 ) 

Add 50% OFF Saturday Public Skating for  8 wks. $228, June 8 – Aug 3, 12:45PM-1:45PM (Save $52 on Public Skating ) 

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